second episode:

1. uncle jesse refusing to help dj with her stay in school campaign and reveals that *gasp* he never graduated from high school. apparently a teacher named mr. pearson was an enormous cocknugget and ripped on the jesse for forgetting the whitman poem, “o captain, my captain,” so he went to the bathroom for 11 years. pointage: -3 for leading off with drama.
2. mr pearson, obviously jesse’s night school teacher (in a bizarre twist of fate) a total dick. pointage: -3 for predictability, +2 for effectiveness of character = -1

1. inspriational speech by aunt becky to convince jesse to go back to school
2. the jessman being recognized in class by a jessie and the rippers fan. “you played at smash club!” jesse proceeds to teach the fan how to do a badass kick while rocking out on keyboards. pointage: +14
3. freakin classic scene of jesse telling michelle that she shouldn’t give up on learning to tie her shoes (at about the age of 9) and teaching himself a little lesson about the importance of persistence and hard work, after walking out of class earlier that night. +3 for convention

overall (again not related to points): A-
caught off-guard with dramatic opening scene but having the man, the myth, the legend as the focal point of the episode brings this half hour out on top.



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