so we just installed an incredible device on our smoke detector. we call it “the smoke bubble”…maybe a smoke cocoon. here’s a picture of it: if u look closely, u can see the goldfish that were left in the “smoke bubble” before it was a smoke bubble.

-coach and broach


“well bro, you know…one time is was thinking…and i was dreaming if you maybe dream. ok. so we were swimming in de ocean dis one time, you knows? and i was just like, ‘i would love to be a dolphin.’ you know? and it’s like…me too. so that was the third time i got crabs. and, by the way, by the way…i have good feng shui.

um. well…im gonna have to say…um, late bro…we will be keeping in touch very soon…LATE!”

-lonnie “broach” jones

that was our first post…

-coach and broach