so most people know we’re starting a band with this kid matt from dreamstreet and that we were already on these psycho fans websites. here is an email that matt got from the head of one of the fan sites:

“i’ll take the not repsonding to my other email as a no…Ok whatever hows The Juice? Who came up with that name? It’s cool. Did you know you guys already have a street team and you’ve only been a band for…what, two weeks? I find that amusing. The girls don’t even know what kind of music you play or the songs or anything, but already they’re your biggest fans. I’m in a band too. We’re called Sanity. I sing and write most of the songs and my friends play the music and sing back up. Alright then, yo tengo salir. Adios.”

and by the way, a street team, i found out is a group of people that just promote the band and make fliers and shit. hahah- is this not too good, considering we have only practiced maybe once?

-famous coach and broachers


i feel like the people who write and/or draw shit in bathroom stalls should not be looked upon as vandals, but as entertainers. keep up the good work guys, i look forward to some new poem about my poop and/or weiner.


i just realized that i never actually finished describing the BC game to all our fans out there…well everyone saw the game and knew what happened but you all missed out on a wide world of shit-talking idiots from boston who got their respective asses handed to them…all in all everyone was real gay, but messing around with sebastian and the cheerleaders was funny as hell. i mean being able to heckle the shit out of tyler ingold from about 8 feet away was, all in all, one of the more entertaining aspects of the game, along with a touchdown by a certain star defensive back.

edit: -so tired i forgot to sign my post

so im finishing up my first paper at 6 am. lax practice starts at 7. how ironic then, that the night that i’m up til 6 will actually be the very first time im actually go to morning practice…i just hope i don’t suck after 5 months of rigorous off season training in my other favorite sport: eating.

-coachy mccoach

so, yeah. im gonna say today was up there for one of the worst in a long while. ahhhh where to begin. so i already knew that i had to study a crazy amount for my chem test tmw- what i didnt know was that i also have a spanish test tmw that includes handing in a months worth of work from the workbook. frown. after that, i start studying chem and realize i know next to nothing. sucks. i also remembered 30 minutes before my chem lab that i HADNT DONE IT. so after barely finishing that it time, i get to the lab on time but only to realize i had left the lab report i had just done, in my dorm. so i had to, of course, run to the opposite side of campus( up hill) to go get it. OK. so it was 830 and i figured god had fucked with me enough. haha- of course he wasnt finished. so i head to the food place to get a nice little sub. most know that i am a former sandwich artist, so i know the quality of a sandwich when its made. So of course there out of the meat that i want, but thats no problem- as soon as she made it and did the folding i knew there was gonna be trouble. My walk back to my dorm i was just wondering how bad this sub would be. On opening the sandwich wrapper , ill be honest, i didnt think it could have been THIS bad. I swear to god that i just unwrapped the sandwich and it looked like this, with no manipulation. the nights not over but hopefully my AWESOME luck is.

-a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day-having broach

could the person who smashed my girlfriends window and stole her purse please return it and giver her $250 as soon as you can. thanx. 🙂


u know, whenever u get a chance…


so for all those who haven’t yet heard, there’s a rumor around here that our dorm building was formerly an insane asylum that was bought by the school during an expansion period. that’s one of the most frightening things i’ve ever heard. there’s this big counter in the lobby that has no function anymore but could very easliy have served as a reception desk in the past, not to mention the fact that in order to get into the hallways where the rooms are, u need an electronic key. some one way mirrors in the hallway also add a degree of unexplainable spookiness, but the kicker is definitely the intercoms in every room that “don’t work anymore.” how would you like trying to fall asleep while you think about that girl from the ring standing in your room for hours and hours…just standing! and if the sixth sense has taught me anything, it’s that my fort offers no protection whatsoever. not even my superman poster can save me now.