scooby doo: crazy zombie woman that sticks kids into movies or something tripped out. pretty standard really.

full house:

1. some intense moments where steve “comes between” dj and danny, a tense triangle is being brought to its elastic limit, when steve decides that he can’t come between dj and her father, and must stop seeing her. pointage: -4.
2. cheesy scene featuring logical, objective (danny)-just tell me how you feel (vicky) dichotomy where danny rerealizes what its like to be in love and realizes he’s being a cock. pointage: -6

1. debut of the rushhour renegades, uncle jesse high on cold pills pointage: +6 (nostalgic trivia bonus)
2. kimmy gibbler coming through with great comments e.g. when dj contemplates spending the night at kimmy’s and she replies “uh, you might not wanna do that deej, my dad’s run out of foot deodorant.” points: +3
3. big kiss by aunt becky to awaken the slumbering uncle jesse, who passed out shitfaced on nyquil. pointage: +8 +2 for red-haired aunt becky = +10

overall grade (in no way related to point system): C+
too dramatic and danny-heavy

next episode being viewed currently.


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