does anyone know what bile tastes like?
i do.
it looks like mountain dew…but not quite as refreshing…plus it doesnt make you want to do anything EXTREME other than passing out



little something i came across while reading away messages…some good ADD/advice from alain squindo’s tio jorge:

“oye, y hace frio en washington?”
“si, tio”
“bueno, en mi experiencia, el mejor calor es el de una mujer….si..asi es.. pero cuidate porque hay muchas enfermedades en la calle…entonces ponte un sombrero.”


ok, now THIS is definitely pushing it…

from the jay


so today was officially my worst school day ever…after staying up all night doing a fuckin problem set for stat and thusly not studying for my calc test (why am i in that class anyway?) i awoke 15 minutes after the test had started…after the test kicked my ass for an hour or so, i went to turn in my problem set and, goody, was told that it was due for class and is therefore late, which means the teacher will take it, look at it, correct it, and then wipe his ass with it and not record the grade. so a lot of fucking good it did me to put all that damn effort into that shit…

-bitter at the universe

pretty good…especially if your the proud owner of A.D.D.

from the handy man


lauren sends video to many peoples. it is funny commercial.

gentlement, behold.

-coach and broach

so for those of you who haven’t heard/seen yet:

there you have it