remember A.O.hell? that shit was awesome. to have the power to kick anyone off of aol was probably the coolest thing of all time. i bet blake ross invented that shit…



lonnie’s sickness alert level has just been raised to yellowish-green.

-poor poor jonesy

and i thought 21 beers over the course of a whole day would be impressive

from jarjare


yeah so apparently my mother never bestowed the knowledge of how to change a supersaturated vacuum bag. This intelligence void allowed for this process to go less than swimmingly. Concluded in a cartoon-esque explosion of dust in one Lonnie Jones’ face. yum.


andy milonakis is amazing...his ADDness outshines everyone i can think of.


while studying for various economics tests, i came across this in a buddy’s aim profile. a graph, not of cost curves and profit margins, but an important model for the functions of society nonetheless.