in decision time, i ask that we join together in a bipartisan union to pay respects by commemorating some of history’s real american heroes



so apparently this team called the “red sox” won a little local baseball tournament known as the “world series” and have become “world champions” for the “first time” in “86 years”

thats kinda cool.

if i carried my camera on me like im supposed to you would be seeing some crowded streets, a lot of drunk people, a couple streakers, and a whole bunch of police with helmets


everything’s more intense when eminem says it…


how do you say “caught being a fake-singing whore whose famous for having nice tits and an even hotter sister?” like this

thanky dom


wow this place was going crazy…for all those who were wondering, apparently the reversal of a curse calls for some very organized shouting in front of the president’s house, lighting the quad on fire and a great big disappointing lack of boobies


as some know, the wise, observant, keen, and always impulsive jones bro has coined some clever terms for the good of his fellow man’s vocabulary. the following are his two latest noble peace prize nominated terms:


formerly known as “the dutch oven.” when you fart under the covers so that all the gases are trapped, leaving an extremely potent vacuum of ass-gas.


when your in the bath tub and you fart and watch that bubble of gas swim towards the surface and then its the most potent fart of life. (if anyone knows how or why this phenomenon occurs, or would like to make an attempt at cracking one of life’s most stumpalizing puzzles, please post under comments)

-the jonesiest bro

rush delivery available

cmon by THIS CD!! (voice implied by italics)