i move to abolish single stuffed oreos. well maybe not abolish them. but the default oreo should undoubtedly be double stuffed. i think that we should only have to choose from either double stuffed or quadruple stuffed in the cookie aisle. anyone who prefers single to double is obvioulsy half as awesome.



well here you have it folks…for almost a year now, unbeknownst to all of us, the cookie monster has been undergoing a health transformation. even the song “c is for cookie,” has been CLIAAAPPED and replaced by the new “cookie is a sometime food.” utter bullshit. im glad that rachel brought this blasphemy to my attention so that i could…well, whine about it i guess. GODDAMN!

read an article about it here:
c is for cockass


representing the ol Tufts University. WHAT NOW


good news maybe now people can sue a fast food franchise for giving them something they didn’t ask for.



what do you get when you cover a pile of cottage cheese with a floral bedsheet?



public finance homework: farmer jones produces honey using bees. his marginal cost curve is (whatever). farmer smith produces apples from his orchard. his marginal cost curve is (whatever).

j: hey, thats you (leon) and jared (smith).

coach: do farmers call each other by that title? like doctors?

jones: like do you send an invitation to farmer and mrs. jones?

coach: “well, mister jones..”
“excuse me, i didn’t spend the last 45 years NOT going to school to be called ‘mister’ thank you very much.”

-coach and broach

away message from JPOGMD4788:

My favorite day of the yr..the post Valentines Day fallout. Its a hilarious day and ill tell u why. There is such a dichotomy in the female community today. On 1 side u have the girls who had dates or boyfriends, and these girls actually think now bc their guys were all nice and lovey to them and romantic for 1 night that their boyfriends actually like them haha.On the other side u have the girls who were too pathetic to even be able to milk a guy into taking them out and catering to them and they are all bitter today. Its interesting to see the differences in these 2 groups of hos and u can tell right away bc some girls r all giddy today and others are soo depressed. My question for u all out there tho is this: Which group of girls is more pathetic and stupid? The girls who are being tricked by their dates/bfs or the ones who couldnt even get tricked?? Its an interesting discussion and the moral is all girls are sooo dumb. I love having a penis.

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cheers to having a penis!