congratulations, malady, you are the proud owner of me for an extra 12 hours…

apparently my flight was at 730 am…as there’s no way that could have been intentional, i obviously missed it



anyone who owned a nintendo growing up would be doing themselves a great service to check this out.

if you’re not using microsoft internet explorer:

right click and save target


right click and copy hyperlink url, open windows media player, file–>open url…–>paste


Auto response from Max W83: after watching mtv’s “rich girls” for less than five minutes, i have completely lost faith in my generation. this might seem harsh but consider this quote: “kids in the midwest don’t buy cargo pants because theyre popular, they buy them because they have a lot of pockets and they need them because they work in the fields” -idiot rich girl

-coach and broach

well i did it again…i should just learn my lesson and stop trying to take my girlfriend home cuz every time i do, i get a ticket for something.

oh yea, i also had my license confiscated this time. i can’t drive anymore.

oh yea, the taco bell, from which i was 10 yards and approaching, closed while the douche bag cop was taking his sweetass time to write me a ticket for my fucking tints at 3am…happy thanksgiving cocksmoker

oh yea, my window also broke and wont go up

fuck you god, and your little world too


take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and my lady is pretty.


excerpt from the next juice song:

“…i dont care what goddam hour, i love pissing in the goddam shower…”

– broach

Auto response from vAnDe1786 (2:58:55 PM): Have you ever wondered how we got milk? What makes a person decide, “Hey I think I am gonna go over to that cow and pull on those things hanging down and drink whatever comes out.”

-coach and broach