so i have always gotten a lot of shit from my parents about the fact that i started drinking ans smoking too early- when i was 13 or 14… to them i say this: ive recently been reading “scar tissue” anthony Kiedis of the chili pepper’s book- this crazy bastard did his first line of coke when he was 11, heroin by 14. he also got laid when he was 11. they say that the earlier you start doing drugs the greater the chance of becoming an addict, but i think those people shouldnt count his 15 year heroin binge and because his music is the bomb diggity dog. good book by the way.



im writing today in a bad mood. why you ask? well i was watching a good dose of full house when it went to commercial…and what comes on?…it was another one of those fucking jamster commercials. does anyone really buy these things? i mean you can order a cool graphic for your phone that says “get that paper” or “g-Unit” but besides those who would ever buy these things? i swear to god, call me bitter, but if i ever run into that dancing purple elephant on the street im gonna rape its soul.

love, broach

hey guys its good ol L Jones. sorry i havent posted in a while…i ve been trying to stay in college for more that one semester. so anywho me and mike and a couple people have had a bit of an argument recently- it has to do with our on bed egg crates. i believe that the mat should go nipples down so your getting the comfort without the pokes. everyone ive talked to has disagreed with me but im standing tough…let me know how you do your do.


so sik wit it
pretty dificile, but nothing can stop team nizzle


shock and awe.
not quite sure what to make of this…all i can say is some people are both clever and disgusting

-from rok

-coach and broach

and just like that the sun is up. another night of awakedness longevity training in the books and a few meaty posts under my belt. i mean, unless of course you lost interest around the first couple. then i’ve just been doing the world a grave injustice.

shout out to:
1. allie for forgetting her keys in a friend’s car tonight, for it was through her mentioning of her situation that i came to the realization that i too had left my keys in a friend’s car and wouldn’t have been able to get into my room if it hadn’t been pointed out just then. see these are the kinds of things that i fuck up a lot on. so i need to be surrounded by people that occasionally fuck up also, that way i have a checklist going. when someone fucks up and i hear about it, i’m able to take a second and say “hmmm..self, did you fuck up too? cuz that sounds like ur kinda move.” tonight the answer was yes.


2. ken for spoiling me with a feeze pop and the opportunity to enjoy a game of turtles in time after my trip to rectify the key situation, AND a handful of oreos for the long, cold walk home.


second episode:

1. uncle jesse refusing to help dj with her stay in school campaign and reveals that *gasp* he never graduated from high school. apparently a teacher named mr. pearson was an enormous cocknugget and ripped on the jesse for forgetting the whitman poem, “o captain, my captain,” so he went to the bathroom for 11 years. pointage: -3 for leading off with drama.
2. mr pearson, obviously jesse’s night school teacher (in a bizarre twist of fate) a total dick. pointage: -3 for predictability, +2 for effectiveness of character = -1

1. inspriational speech by aunt becky to convince jesse to go back to school
2. the jessman being recognized in class by a jessie and the rippers fan. “you played at smash club!” jesse proceeds to teach the fan how to do a badass kick while rocking out on keyboards. pointage: +14
3. freakin classic scene of jesse telling michelle that she shouldn’t give up on learning to tie her shoes (at about the age of 9) and teaching himself a little lesson about the importance of persistence and hard work, after walking out of class earlier that night. +3 for convention

overall (again not related to points): A-
caught off-guard with dramatic opening scene but having the man, the myth, the legend as the focal point of the episode brings this half hour out on top.