work stinks! YEAH YEAH. work stinks! YEAH YEAH. ive been working since monday at my dads office. i wonder if its too soon to take a couple sick days. we’ll see. i actually was able to be allowed to take off next week (i know, a phenomenal work ethic i have)….well, ive noticed the progression of my clothes has mirrored the progression of my attitude, work ethic, and ultimately love for life. monday i started things off with khakis, nice shoes and a button down shirt. tuesday, i lost the button down shirt for a nice collared shirt. wednesday i lost the “nice” in collared shirt along with going for sneakers. im not sure how the following weeks will ensue…



miami is nice.


well i just got my final grade in chem…C…a great start for someone in the field of medicine

-fuckin broach

nice little link provided by will…some stuff is gross, most is funny

one personal favorite:

95) Game of Smiles: This game involves men sitting around a circular table and a woman giving random blowjobs underneath the table. Anyone who “smiles” has to buy a round of beer for the rest. It’s a Boy’s Town specialty!

also, the term “balloon knot” is great

-coach and broach

Johnnyboy213 (1:37:11 PM): did you know that with iguanas, males fight over the females so only the biggest and stronges males get to mate and these males basically have a harem of females. So the only chance for a smaller male to mate is to sneak into the harem when the large males isnt looking quickly mate with a female. The only problem is that he usually wont have time to finish before the large male sees what he’s doing and then kicks him out. So these small males have come up with a way to have “pre-sex” by themselves and then keep the sperm on the edge of their genitalia and then they quickly run into the harem and stick it in a female and leave before the female or the alpha male even realize anything has even happened…….. i think we can all learn from these iguanas.


hi my name is leon (“hi leon”)…ummm i had been using for about three years. it had gotten tot the point where it was interfering with my life. Luckily, about 4 weeks ago i found a program that works, and ive been clean for 27 days. its called “Dr. Jones’ Three Steps to Success: stopping the Tetris Addiction for Good.” It truly works and i will briefly explain the three step process. For the first week, you must simply try to cut down the amount of time playing, not by a lot, but by some. the second week is where the interesting part comes in. every other day you receive intermittent doses of Snood as a way of weaning you off Tetris. By the third week Snood should have completely taken the place of Tetris. Although Snood is very addictive as well, it doesnt have half the adverse affects that Tetris does. The following step is optional, only if u want to eliminate the snood playing as well. you repeat the first steps that u did with the Tetris but now you will be weaning yourself onto masturbation, a very happy medium. good luck to all and thank you Dr. Jones!


d0mmm (4:21:12 PM): hmm?

lil dosman (4:21:26 PM): ?

d0mmm (4:21:42 PM): do you remember that

d0mmm (4:21:43 PM): kid

d0mmm (4:21:45 PM): from the ladybugs

lil dosman (4:21:48 PM): oh

lil dosman (4:21:52 PM): yea

lil dosman (4:21:56 PM): “jonathon brandis”

d0mmm (4:22:00 PM): yea

d0mmm (4:22:03 PM): he hung himself last week

lil dosman (4:22:17 PM): oh.

lil dosman (4:22:18 PM): shit.

d0mmm (4:22:37 PM): heh

d0mmm (4:22:57 PM): well he had every reason to

d0mmm (4:23:03 PM): did you ever see neverending story 2?

d0mmm (4:23:06 PM): jesus christ