i just can’t seem to get enough of this video, introduced to me by triznatch



Sometimes you just feel like a post is needed. And sometimes the only thing you can do is look to your good man Shaq. In his words….

Don’t fake the funk on a nasty dunk.

PS – happy birthday smitty

-Smitty in Egypt

storkish: good god yall


SkylineEra Dylan ): worked till like 11
SkylineEra Dylan : then i went to a rubic’s cube party
LonnieJonesBro : your officially THE biggest nerd of all time
SkylineEra Dylan : it was fun, we each had an articles of clothing, that were the rubic colors, then we mixed and matched such that we end up with one color
LonnieJonesBro : yeah uhh your out of the band
SkylineEra Dylan: don’t hate
LonnieJonesBro: im sorry i must


too many guys so SOTP IT!

-du hands


this one is pretty sweet- take notes all you douchbags!

thanky big bro


well, on saturday night we witnessed first hand the utter power and overwhelming ability of jones’s kavorka when some drunk bitch was inexplicably and uncontrollably thrust head-first into a fit of whoredom, followed closely by a fit of rage, when it became increasingly clear that he wanted nothing to do with her, and that she had made a complete and total skank out of herself

Jones here: so we were all just chilling in max and matts room- doing a J or somesing when this drunk chick walks into the room and straddles me. im like “wtf mate? if you werent a puke face this would funs.” but she was. so she keeps trying to grab my glasses and i says “nos…you cannot has them.” so then she jumps on top of me again and i yell in front of a room of about 10 “OH MY GOD this girl just ripped the dirtiest fart on me…everyone laughs at her face…i run to the bathroom and bring her back some T.P. at this point she decides she doth not like me. she then attempts to punch me in the face. several times. it then carries on outside the room where i decide to play with her a little bit more- its A.D.D. time. so push comes to shuv and somehow the mangina comes out and everyones having a great time except for whorey mcfuckerson. all in all it was HI-LA-REE-US.

-coach and Broach