so we are all familiar with the historical question of “if a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound?” or the more popular, “does the pope shit in the woods?” anywho, ive come up with a similar one, that will in all probability be argued for centuries to come:

if i am in the shower, and i wipe my ass with a bar of soap, is the soap dirty?

now dont rush to any conclusions for there are many different aspects and extraneous variables that must be taken into account upon coming up with a viable conclusion. i would love to see the philosophical argument take place amongst the comments.




cuhrazy music video


i’taint the house and i’taint the senate


so i was at the dining hall this morning for breakfast and i was over at the cereal section. to my dismay, they were out of almost everything- no cocoa krispies, lucky charms, CTC, or frosted flakes. so i went with the always unpopular sugar smacks. now let me tell you, as i walked from the cereal station to the milkeria and then to my table i got looks like i was the drunk uncle who molested his little niece. i mean, they arent great but come on- i felt like i had committed a crime.


i wonder how much better my balls/ass would smell if they weren’t neighbors. like, maybe having a shorter taint is what makes some people naturally smelly..? i know i’ve described BO by commenting on the fact that it smells like ass or frumunda cheese. maybe theyre not each naturally evil, but when combined, have a reaction like a science fair volcano.


ok so this was my dream last night:

a blind girl walked up to me and said how offended she was by a post that i had made the day before on C&B. apparently i had posed the question “how does a blind person with no arms tell who she is talking to? and my answer was to feel the persons face with her feet (apparently i thought that would be really funny in my dream, forgetting the fact that the blind person isnt mute and deaf and could just ask who she is talking to). im not really sure the point of this post but i guess its just that im so dedicated to this site that i think of posts in my dreams.


ive always said that i like smaller boobs than bigger ones. obviously, i have my reasons. though very often bigger breastasists look better in shirts with cleavage, the issue comes with the direct relationship between boob size and margin of error. its simple, the bigger the boob, the more room for mistakes (i.e huge, terrible nipples). so im here to debunk the rumors that bigger boobs are better, cuz theyre usually not. HERE is an example.