My roommate just brought this beer home. I’m so excited.



jennifer lopez guest starring on the season finale of will and grace?!

i can’t think of anything i would rather watch less


ok so smitty’s post about md 20/20 led to some good comments about first time drunkenness, which seems like a great idea for a separate thread so lets go.

tell you first-timer story.


don’t ask me why the middle shower reeks of ammonia and an abundance of b-vitamins…i have nooooo idea 😉

-a clean and relieved coach

Ah the MD 20/20 hangover. Nothing quite like it.


upon viewing the johnny dakota episode of saved by the bell for the seond time this semester i begin to reflect. ok so for those of you who don’t remember (if you don’t know what ime talking about slap yourself one time), johnny the movie star comes to bayside to shoot an anti-drug commercial. in the end we find out that he does pot and the kids late him and shoot their own spot. but is johnny’s party pot smoking really the problem here? maybe i’m not the one who should be criticizing, but let’s not forget that johnny-hollywood jocked kelly-the-high-school-cheerleader like her name was seabiscuit from minute 1.


In considering potential classes for next semester and I think that I want to take some sort of class on strategery. Now, this isnt for the future purpose of world domination or whatever, but for more important, every day obstacles. Take an average lunch at Fridays for example. Now of course, firstly, I need to use my strategery to decide whether I should order the potato skins as an appetizer or main course; and do I go half order or full? Either way I know im gonna order some quantity of skins at some point in the meal. The real strategery comes into play when those bad boys arrive. I can see it now…the skins arrive…steamy and wondrous…im wet with anticipation…WHICH ONE DO I TAKE FIRST???????? Do I take the one overflowing with cheese and weak on the bacon, or do I go with the cheese-less one with half a pig of bacon on it? Even after that questionable, nerve-racking first pick of the draft, this is a repeatedly difficult situation throughout the ceremonial consuming of those heaven-sent cheesey-pig-skins. All I know at this point is that the runt in the corner with practically no cheese or bacon, that more accurately resembles an empty kayak, is gonna be last if eaten at all. At this point, im sure you are gonna be taking a class on strategery next semester cuz I know I am.