and just like that the sun is up. another night of awakedness longevity training in the books and a few meaty posts under my belt. i mean, unless of course you lost interest around the first couple. then i’ve just been doing the world a grave injustice.

shout out to:
1. allie for forgetting her keys in a friend’s car tonight, for it was through her mentioning of her situation that i came to the realization that i too had left my keys in a friend’s car and wouldn’t have been able to get into my room if it hadn’t been pointed out just then. see these are the kinds of things that i fuck up a lot on. so i need to be surrounded by people that occasionally fuck up also, that way i have a checklist going. when someone fucks up and i hear about it, i’m able to take a second and say “hmmm..self, did you fuck up too? cuz that sounds like ur kinda move.” tonight the answer was yes.


2. ken for spoiling me with a feeze pop and the opportunity to enjoy a game of turtles in time after my trip to rectify the key situation, AND a handful of oreos for the long, cold walk home.



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