id just like to let everyone know that im going to annas now.

-this guy


im really glad im not on that show laguna beach. last night i had a dream that i was, and the whole episode was about that i had gotten real drunk and took a shit on this girl’s carpet. no reality shows for the jonesbro


“i’m a level 7 vegan. i dont eat anything that casts a shadow.”

today was host to a particular monstrosity i was unsure how to cope with…as im walking up the hill to go to class in the snow, some guy standing there trying to pass out…as he put it “‘why vegan?’ pamphlet”s. i had to hold myself back from spitting in his face for trying to convert me…i mean its like trying to convice me to be gay…not that this is a knock on people of either gay or vegan descent, but in both situations you’re trying to convince me to give up something i really enjoy and replace it with something else, that, of which i would really prefer as little as possible…

all praise be to the nuge


so here i am, layin back in the cut ready to do some music homework while watching a little saved by the bizzy, when i am abhorred by the title screen with which i am presented:



fuck that. give me classics, malibu sands, maybe even a little good morning miss bliss, but NO new class, NO college years, and certainly NO hawaiian trip that somehow brings mr. belding 2000 miles away from bayside into a coincidental run in with the group as principal association tour guide…thats just ridiculous

also, the fact that the actors are now easily over 20, and there is no laugh track makes the poor theatrical performances impossible to cover up

also irritating is the fact that as disappointed as i am, i’m still going to be distracted from my work by this monstrosity

-disgusted coach

too good. go canes

from the big natedog


night before halloween in miami:

its me (semi-sober), domm (semi-sober), and goldbeargo (shwasted) in the car waiting in line for taco bell. goldbeargo is fading in and out of conciousness. all they have left is the cheesy gordita crunch.

DOMM: “im gonna have to go with two.”

JONES: “Count me in for one, and im sure goldberg will want two”

GOLDBEARGO(wakes up and says): “Better make it an even seven”

amazing considering this is the guy who passed out standing up leaning against a palm tree about 30 mins before.