Out: Beer Helmet In: Beer Bandolier

Yea, I had no idea that’s what it was called either, despite considering myself a bit of a wannabe wordsmith.
Oh, and you can stop wondering about pronunciation, because they’re going with “Hops Holster.” You didn’t really think the geniuses that came up with this thing were actually going to lose sales because of French, did you?

Next time you’re tailgating, camping or attending a BYOB party you can avoid those long, thirsty walks back to the cooler or the fridge by keeping a plethora of your favorite canned beers right on your chest

Weighing in with 120 oz. of added beer for your buck vs. a Camel Bak or Beer Helmet, the “Hops Holster” is best described as a giant leap for mankind.  It also 1. has the added feature of helping you count your way through a 12-pack and 2. is completely out of stock.  It’s all good though.  Personally, I could really only use one if it came in a different color scheme.

Source via Geekologie


2 Responses

  1. Cool idea, but only good if you like warm beer or can drink 12 beers in a short amount of time.

    • true, they should implement gel packs to keep em cool. on the other hand, if you can’t put down 12 fast enough, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE

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