More Mega Man Mashups

Many Many Mega Men by DeviantArtist captainslam


It’s no secret that I can’t get enough Mega Man in my life.  So anytime someone like captainslam here is going to go to the effort of putting together a buttload of fan art, AAAAND throw a bunch of my favorite games of all-time into the mix, I’m going to take notice.  Well played, sir.


But What About Luigi? Happy Birthday to Mario

The Creation of Mario by DeviantArtist TsaoShin

So a lot of people are going around saying it was 25 years ago today that Shigeru Miyamoto created the Mustachioed One who’s helped sell over 200 million Nintendo games.  So I’m guessing the customary ritual is to eat mushrooms instead of cake? Anyway, they’re all crazy because Mario’s first appearance was in the arcade version of Donkey Kong, released in 1981.  He was then known as “Jumpman,” but come on, it’s the same guy.  What do you think, Billy Mitchell?

So it’s not really Mario’s birthday, per se, but the anniversary of Super Mario Bros. on the NES.  Now that I’ve set that record straight, enjoy some more delicious factoids about Brooklyn’s most beloved plumber.

  • He was originally named Mr. Video, as he was to be the face of video games.  He did, in fact, reach that level of superstardom, but ironically, Miyamoto-san has noted that had he not changed the name to Mario he likely would have “disappeared off the face of the Earth.”
  • He is largely credited with saving the video game industry, after the dark age of E.T.
  • He was originally a carpenter instead of a plumber, although he’s held several other jobs throughout his illustrious career including archaeologist, prescription-happy doctor, and ring referee.
  • Mario’s distinct look is less a fashion statement than a result of technological limitations.  The red/blue combo was used to contrast against black backgrounds.  The hat was slapped on to avoid having to deal with hair, and the mustache likewise in lieu of facial expressions.
  • Donkey Kong Jr., the follow up to the original Donkey Kong is the only game to have ever featured Mario (Jumpman) as a villain.
  • He’s made many cameos in other Nintendo properties, such as in a portrait in A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time in the Zelda series, and of course as the referee in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!.

Now, in his honor, please enjoy the soothing sounds of two 7 foot Tesla coils playing the Super Mario Bros. theme with sparks.  It’s crazy but it’s science.

Smart: How the Nintendo 3DS Works Without Goofy Glasses

Wondering when 3D will evolve past the need for goofy glasses?  Game site Kombo put together a nice little video of a dude named Jeff explaining how the Nintendo’s 3DS makes that a beautiful naked-eyed reality.  Sadly, he also points out that the tech used by the Big N, known as a “parallax barrier”  isn’t really translatable to movie theaters or televisions, because it depends on the position of the viewer relative to the screen to work.

A parallax barrier works like a vent. It is a filter placed over the screen that precisely directs one image to the left and the other to the right with a separation of a few degrees (equal to the distance between the average human’s eyes). It does this using tiny shutters.

Basically, it is like a pole sitting in front of a light source and your right eye can see behind the pole, but the left eye can’t. Only the scale is so microscopic that your brain doesn’t realize the pole is there and combines the two images as if they were one.

Jeff Grub,

Silly brain!  Always coming up with ingenious ways to trick its stupid gullible self.  Wait, what?

Kombo via Kotaku

Fan Art Friday! First Rule of Smash Club: If You Put it on, I’ll Play

Since I posted those MK DNA strands, then woke up with this wonderful Smash Club mash up by DeviantArtist Robotpencil in my Inbox,  what’s say we just call this Fan Art Friday so I don’t have to write very much.  Hit the picture for full size (you’ll shit bricks when you see Kirby), and review the rules of Smash Club so you don’t make an ass of yourself.

Rules of Smash Club:

  1. The first rule of Smash Club is if you put it on, I’ll play.
  2. The second rule of Smash Club is if you put it on, we play for at least 4 hours.
  3. Four guys to a fight. FFA.
  4. 5 stock.  One guy’s left standing, the fight is over.
  5. First to win 2 FFAs is champ.
  6. No Icicle Mountain, no Game and Watch Land.
  7. Fights will go on as long as they have to.
  8. If this is your first night at Smash Club, you have to be Kirby.

The artist intends to make these a series so check out Robotpencil’s DeviantArt page for more black-eyed goodness.