More Mega Man Mashups

Many Many Mega Men by DeviantArtist captainslam


It’s no secret that I can’t get enough Mega Man in my life.  So anytime someone like captainslam here is going to go to the effort of putting together a buttload of fan art, AAAAND throw a bunch of my favorite games of all-time into the mix, I’m going to take notice.  Well played, sir.


Fan Art Friday! First Rule of Smash Club: If You Put it on, I’ll Play

Since I posted those MK DNA strands, then woke up with this wonderful Smash Club mash up by DeviantArtist Robotpencil in my Inbox,  what’s say we just call this Fan Art Friday so I don’t have to write very much.  Hit the picture for full size (you’ll shit bricks when you see Kirby), and review the rules of Smash Club so you don’t make an ass of yourself.

Rules of Smash Club:

  1. The first rule of Smash Club is if you put it on, I’ll play.
  2. The second rule of Smash Club is if you put it on, we play for at least 4 hours.
  3. Four guys to a fight. FFA.
  4. 5 stock.  One guy’s left standing, the fight is over.
  5. First to win 2 FFAs is champ.
  6. No Icicle Mountain, no Game and Watch Land.
  7. Fights will go on as long as they have to.
  8. If this is your first night at Smash Club, you have to be Kirby.

The artist intends to make these a series so check out Robotpencil’s DeviantArt page for more black-eyed goodness.

Space Invaders Couch Looks Chic, Horribly Uncomfortable

Candy to the eye, poison to the back, this thing is probably not doing you any favors in the comfort department, but I’ll go ahead and support it because I’ve never met a piece of fan-art I didn’t like.  Fire up the Atari 2600 and hop on.

The couch was designed by Igor Chak, and there are some more pictures at his website.  But it pretty much looks like that.

Kotaku << Igor Chak Designs

This is a Triumph: DIY Portals in Your House!

As an optional test protocol, we are pleased to present an amusing fact. The IKEA mirror you purchased for $6.99 is now more valuable than the organs and combined incomes of everyone in New York City.

DO WANT.  Only thing is I can’t decide whether to put the orange one in the bathroom or the refrigerator.  There’s cake in there!

Kotaku << Gamereactor

Portal 2 is due out next year (although I’m about ready for it now please), and was declared by a bunch of reviewers to be one of the best games at E3 2010.  If you never played the first one, it’s a smart, exceptionally well-designed puzzler/platformer created by Valve, available for PC via Steam and consoles via XBLA or PSN for around $15.  Go get it NAO.

Those of you familiar with the first game may want to check out the videos below, which introduces some of the new puzzle mechanics you’ll be dealing with in Portal 2 (there are a bunch!).

Portal 2 is also on Facebook because that’s what video games do these days I guess?