More Mega Man Mashups

Many Many Mega Men by DeviantArtist captainslam


It’s no secret that I can’t get enough Mega Man in my life.  So anytime someone like captainslam here is going to go to the effort of putting together a buttload of fan art, AAAAND throw a bunch of my favorite games of all-time into the mix, I’m going to take notice.  Well played, sir.


Duke Nukem Forever Out of Pergatory?

Kotaku reports a rumor that development studio Gearbox Software, the guys behind this year’s hit FPS/RPG hybrid Borderlands, may be continuing the work on Duke Nukem Forever, which was left out in the cold when 3D Realms closed in 2009.

The studio responsible for Brothers In Arms, Borderlands and Aliens: Colonial Marines is said to have picked up Duke Nukem Forever development where former studio 3D Realms left off, perhaps Duke’s best bet for eventual completion.

Duke Nukem Forever, according to sources who wished to remain anonymous, is now in the hands of Gearbox and is planned to be released under the studio’s name. Gearbox was outed as the developer of the apparently scrapped Duke Nukem spin-off Duke Begins earlier this year.


It’s no secret that I’d love to see this game come to fruition.  I played a whole lot of Duke Nukem 3D [download] in my day, dialing up to a friend basically everyday for an entire summer.  Of course since Duke 3D wasn’t really 3D, but the same faux-3D used in Doom and other 90s PC shooters means that the character never had a run with anything near the tech of today – and it’s a damn shame.  He had something that no other shooters have delivered on lately – humor.  GTA does a fantastic job with the satire in its universe, but only ol’ Dukesy brought a similar tone to the realm of post-apocalyptic alien blasting.  That and a jetpack.