Saturday Night Live Still Sucks, but This Happened

So last week, Katy Perry shot a music video with Elmo for Sesame Street, but the scene was eventually cut due to excessive bewbage.  NBC apparently decided they want to be in the Katy-Perry’s-business bussiness (who could blame them), and lampooned her brief stint on the Street the most clever way they know how.  Genius? Naah, too easy.

The Elmo video’s below if you care to watch it, but the above .gif is both bouncier and silence-ier so, naturally, it gets my vote.


Kenny Powers is Back on the Bump This Sunday

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Man, am I hurting for some HBO in my life.  After I was introduced to The Life and Times of Tim it became clear to me how god awful 90% of Showtime’s programming is, and subsequently, why Time Warner gives it to me for free.  And now, after a long 18 month off-season, the most entertaining comedy of 2009 is on the comeback trail.  And I’ll just be riding pine, pondering the irony of my parents at home laughing raucously at all the F-bombs, drug use, and disgusting low-brow, white trash asshole humor that I fought so long and hard to propagate in that household, while I’m left out of all the fun.  It’s enough to break your heart.

Eastbound and Down is an amazing vehicle for Danny McBride’s masterful foul-mouthed megalomania.  But somehow, he also manages to make you feel bad for him in those moments when he becomes hilariously shattered and pathetic, despite the awesome power of the AC Slater Mullet.  Throw in a few appearances by Will Ferrel in a bleach blond wig and you’ve got yourself a winner.

One of season 1’s highlights below – Kenny on ecstasy at a school dance