Jennifer Aniston Gets it

Marisa Tomei was nominated for an Oscar when she got topless and looked damn good in The Wrestler at age 44.  Whether or not Jennifer Aniston noticed this is up for debate.  One thing that is not, however, is that her last few box office outings have been less than impressive, despite The Bounty Hunter appearing in a heavy rotation that seems to indicate it struck a chord with someone at United Airlines.

Her most recent film The Switch, in which she played a single woman who uses a sperm donor to have a child, bombed at the box office, taking $8.4million in the U.S. box office on its opening weekend.

In a significant departure from her syrupy, goody-goody rom-com roles, the 41-year-old star is to take on her most risqué role and appear topless. Her character also indulges in threesome with two other women, sleeps around with numerous men and takes drugs. The prospect of Aniston appearing topless will generate huge publicity for the film and the actress.

-Paul Thompson, Daily Mail

Well, somebody get this Paul Thompson his Nobel Peace Prize for economics, stat.  Guy’s unlocked the secrets of the freaking universe.  Come to think of it, the prospect of Jennifer Aniston’s nipples in a guest starring role has been the only reason to watch Friends for at least a decade.  Last year’s GQ story titled, “Oh Lordy, this Woman is 40” made it pretty clear that Jen is looking better than the average quadragenarian.  HAVING SAID THAT, she’s not getting any younger, so the time for this movie to happen is right freakin’ now.  You alert the academy, I’ll get the nachos.

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