TOTALLY STRAIGHT Guy is Really into Michael Jackson

Go ahead and read this craigslist post by a totally straight dude looking for J-O partner. Then come on back and we’ll talk.

Well, another day, another “profound spiritual act of consensual hetero awesomeness.”  I suppose I’m not really qualified to tell you whether you’re gay or not…but I am picking up something that I can’t quite put my junk on.  Maybe it’s the bedazzler but let’s get to the real meat of the story here –

YOU GAVE THAT JACKET BACK?! WTF man?! You get your hands on something like that, you don’t just give it back! You’re obviously a pretty creative guy, make something up for the love of god. Say you lost it, say you got robbed, you had to pawn it for drugs.  I don’t care if the whole Jackson family is on you to try and get it back.  Tell Joe you accidentally got some of your nutter-butter on it during one of your totally hetero “dagger” fights.  He won’t want it back.