Hartford? The Whale? They Only Beat Vancouver Once, Maybe Twice in a Lifetime.

Photo is property of WhalersSports.com

The Rangers have decided to give the loyal hockey fans the credit they’re due and reward the Hartford-faithful with a little head nod by changing the name of the Hartford Wolfpack.

It’s still not back, but hockey fans in Hartford have the next-best thing. Their AHL team, the Wolf Pack, is being re-named the Connecticut Whale and will be managed by Baldwin’s Hartford Hockey LLC.


Seems like a pretty good way to arbitrarily drum up interest in a pack of mediocre semi-pros, so good job I guess?  Or take a reasonable temperature check on the fandom that still surrounds the Hartford Whalers 13 long years after they moved to Carolina.  See if people care by AAAAALMOST naming the team after the one they’ve been missing to see if they’ll talk about it.  And these fans do, in fact, still have harpoons on the brain.  Well, just like my romantic life, I’m here to tell you wannabe martyrs that if you had paid attention to her while she was around, maybe she wouldn’t have left you high and dry, crying face paint and headbutting strangers.

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