Lebron Says Ohio State Will Beat UM. Yawn.

So last week, Lebron tweeted that he thinks Ohio State will beat the Hurricanes when they come to town…and that he may even go.

@KingJames: I thinking bout going down to the Horseshoe next Sat for that battle. O-State will prevail for sure. Will be exciting! Good luck tonight Bucks

If you’re a Miami fan and you’re getting your panties in a twist, Tommy’s going to come back there and hit you in the head with a tack hammer, because you are a retard.  Obvious PR is obvious.  The Buckeyes are coming into the season ranked #2, so it’s not like he’s saying anything outlandish here.  Just trying to convince some people back in Akron that playing ball in Miami is about what’s best for his career, not changing his stripes.

Do yourself a favor and wait until he actually shows up to the stadium to care about this story.


3 Responses

  1. i dont understand why miami fans are so mad that hes backing ohio st. its as if theyre saying, “if youre going to make the tough decision to leave your home state to come down here and make our NBA team amazing and energize our entire city, the LEAST you could do is also no longer support your favorite college team in favor of our college team.”

    • so dumb. the fact that it matters to ppl at all is exactly why he has to say “ohio state” no matter what to try and appease ohioans (?). ppl in miami are actually “mad” about this?

  2. yea i forget if it was the all you can heat blog or peninsula is mightier but the article started with something like “let me explain something to you lebron about how miami sports work…” as if he would change his mind if he new it wouldnt be a popular decision in miami.

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