Joey Boots has Michael Jackson Dropping N-Bombs, Benji Shows up on CNBC

As seen on Barstool Sports NYC

Can someone update me on what’s been going on with Howard’s show lately? Last week we saw Joey Boots pissing off random goobers in Times Square by filming a girl in public.  This week, he’s directing his able index finger directly onto the button of a Michael Jackson impersonator.  It doesn’t take much at all to set him off…maybe he recognized JB and figured he’d get blown up either way so why drag it out.

And then Benji showed up on Fast Money a couple minutes ago.

He muttered something about “not doing the Sanjaya thing,” but I haven’t caught the show since Sirius started charging extra to listen online (WTF).  So what the hell was Benji supposed to be doing? Whatever it was, he failed miserably.  Shouldn’t he know how to do this by now? I’m pretty sure this is not his first rodeo. Gotta just get your “BABA BOOEY!!” in as quick as you can, not try to reason with people like, “No it’s cool, I’m not going to do the Sanjaya thing, don’t worry.”  Unless you’re there to talk about Oracle hiring Mark Hurd, they don’t seem to care, buddy.

Update: Now that I think of it, it could have had something to do with Hurd, since he was ousted from HP in the wake of a sexual harassment scandal.  As he did with Dave Letterman, Howard is apt to take that opportunity to point out that he’s often labeled a sexual deviant by the conventional media, despite never having any extramarital or interoffice controversy come up around him.


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