Canada Uncovers the Secrets of the Universe

Chalk one up for investigative journalism north of the border.  In a recent study, some dude from The Star found out how homeless beggars like to spend their money.  The results were shocking.

A reporter for the Canadian newspaper The Star handed out five pre-paid credit cards to panhandlers, asked the panhandlers to return the card when finished, and tracked their purchases. Of the five cards, two were returned, one was stolen and used by the panhandler’s boyfriend, and three were never returned (one remained unused).  Purchases included food (McDonald’s was a favorite), cigarettes, cell phone time and LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) purchases.


Psyche! They weren’t surprising at all. McDonald’s and cigarettes: the breakfast of champions. Gotta build up a nice foundation before surviving on liquor for a few days.  Now if we can only figure out what Canadian economists spend their money on…oh, riiiight, worthless studies that teach us nothing.  Are there no editors over there at that Star? Seems like this is the kind of story that results in a “yyyyyyea, we’re going to print the one about Nutty the Squirrel instead.”


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