Time Warner, DO NOT Screw Me on This

Time Warner and Disney still have not closed their distribution deal, although they are said to be close.

The Walt Disney Co. and Time Warner Cable failed to meet a midnight deadline, but ABC, ESPN and The Disney Channel will remain available to Triad cable customers as the talks continue.

Disney agreed to keep its programing available through TWC as the two sides continue to negotiate how much TWC will pay for the rights to Disney’s family of television networks. Without the waiver from Disney, Time Warner Cable would have been forced stop showing ESPN and Disney’s other networks on the day the college football season kicks off.

The Business Journal

I am not in a position to start negotiating with Verizon and getting new installations in here.  I don’t even think I have a choice here – the building is wired up for TWC.  This is scary stuff, and on the first day of college football, no less.  I literally have 6 friends flying into town for the long weekend to do some fantasy drafting and watch some pigskin.  There is only so much shitty service I can handle.  I’ve been stomaching this crappy skipping, hitching signal, audio drops, and the slap in the face that was “free Showtime” (seriously I never realized how bad Showtime was until it was the only movie channel I had.  The only thing I ever recognized by name on there was Twilight).  There will be blood in the streets if ESPN is ripped from my programming. Football fans have waited out the dreaded red wave of sports for this moment. DO. NOT. FUCK WITH US.


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