Phil Hellmuth Can Never Find Anything in There

After reminding everyone at the table that he’s the best player ever for a couple hours, Phil Hellmuth was able to get all his money in the middle on Poker After Dark last night with AK vs. K9o.  Obviously, he was none too pleased when the flop contained both a K and a 9, so he did what any reasonable man would do: pack up his purse and leave the table (without even bothering to see 4th and 5th streets).

What planet does this guy live on? I used to think he was hilarious but this is actually his personality. When Mike Matusow is telling you you complain too much, you should know you’ve got a problem.  Phil even went so far as to call out another guy for “sayin’ something every 10 seconds.” Apparently he was annoyed that everyone at the table points out all of his missteps.  Dude, that’s what happens when you spend 20 years whining to everyone about how perfect you are. When you’re so sure you can’t fail, you can guarantee everyone’s going to high-five when you do. Get off your high horse and take your purse with you, bro. Hope you keep some feminine napkins in there so you don’t get any of those delicious tears on your Jimmy Choos, douche bag.


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