Apple to Unveil New Device that Prints Money

There’s naturally been a lot of speculation surrounding Apple’s “Music-centric” event that is set to kick off today.  Many suspect that the iPod Touch will be upgraded to include iPhone 4’s dual cameras for Facetime chatting over WiFi, and the WSJ has reported an agreement with ABC (Jobs is the largest shareholder of DIS) and FOX to offer $0.99 rentals of their popular TV shows.  Still others are hoping El Jobso will find the setting right, with Hulu+ introduced last month and Google’s TV platform built on Froyo, to officially unveil a set-top box for his self-described “hobby” AppleTV.

The stage is set.  The black turtle-necks are dry cleaned, and hopefully everyone is off the WiFi. The event will be streamed live to Apple devices starting at 1 PM EST – for those looking to follow along on a PC, there’s a little workaround here, or of course has their liveblog as always.

AAPL is trading around 250 on a very strong market so far.

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