Good News, Everyone! Awful Announcing Returns to the Blogosphere

Awful Announcing, once the most highly-regarded source of meta-commentary in the sports world, has been picked up by new management and relaunched with a writing team that includes your favorite wannabe columnist, ME, along with a great group of guys who know a lot more about the subject.  Nothing will change over here, but if you’re a fan of WG, take the following quiz to find out if AA is up your alley:

  1. Are you a sports fan?
  2. Can tell if whether or not Tim McCarver has taken his meds?
  3. Does the phrase “Throw it down, Big Man” mean anything to you?
  4. Do you find yourself wondering if anyone has ever worked in TV before?

If you answered “Yes!” in Marv Albert’s voice to any of the above questions, you’ll want to be reading, so head over to, add the feed, crack a beer and enjoy!


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