Dios Mio, Mang: Christina Hendricks at the Emmys

Yea she’s fun to look at now, but the meticulously arranged package, shown here at Emmys last night, is mere years away from being an ABSOLUTE TRAINWRECK.  I imagine it takes a Gulliver’s Travels-style army of midgets to tie on the corset that gives her this astonishing silhouette, and don’t get me wrong, it IS astonishing, but it’s just not sustainable.  Chickipedia has her at 5″8′ 40-32-40 and aged 35 years.  So this is it.  Drink it in now, because this wine will be vinegar before you know it.  We’re on the brink of a nuclear meltdown here and the only guy close enough to the situation to do anything about it is the Snozzberry kid from Super Troopers.  Color me concerned.

The Superficial has a bunch of pics if you want to see more.

Mad Men beat out new fan-favorite Breaking Bad last night, to take home its 3rd Emmy for Outstanding Drama.


One Response

  1. How can that Snozzberry kid handle this much woman? I just don’t get it. It’s like if someone were to tell me that Venus’s day is longer than its year or something.

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