Fine Line Between Being Amazing and Breaking Your Body

Washington Nationals rookie phenom Stephen Strasburg’s season is done a bit early.  Turns out an MRI showed a “significant tear” in his elbow, according to Washington GM Mike Rizzo.

He was placed on the disabled list a month ago with inflammation in the back of his right shoulder. He was making his third start since returning from the DL when he had to leave the game against Philadelphia.


Strasburg is awaiting a second opinion but will likely undergo Tommy John surgery to repair the elbow.  Feels bad, man.   This guy was off to a ridiculous start, after heading right out of the gate with 32 K’s (breaking the previous record of 29) vs. only 5 walks in his first 3 starts.  The pitch that gave Strasburg that record, by the way, was a 92 mph changeup, which is mind-bottling to say the least.  His season will end with a 5-3 record, ERA of 2.91 and, perhaps most impressive, 92 strikeouts in 68 innings.

The good news is that most people do recover just fine from Tommy John surgery, but it takes a full year off to make that happen.  Kinda makes me rethink my enthusiasm for rookie QBs getting into the mix…naaaaaahh.


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