Headshot! Does This Guy Know How to Party or What?

Disappointed by a lackluster recent New Years celebration?  Well, at least you didn’t get shot in the head!

Robert Chojecki was partying on New Years Eve five years ago in the German town of Herne when he was hit with the .22-caliber bullet. Doctors removed it this week from between his skin and skull.

The Polish-born Chojecki told RTL television Wednesday he thought he’d been hit by fireworks, but later forgot about it.

He said at first he had “no pain, but approximately one year ago I started to get a headache.”

Holy fucking hell!  My first instinct is to make some kind of hacky Polish joke, but instead we’re just going to crown them the new kings of drinking.  I mean this dude is on another level.  Guys think they’re tough taking punches when they’re shitfaced?  Pfffft.  Try getting shot in the head and then carrying on for 5 years.  And I’m gonna go ahead and call out my boy Goldberg right now: you’re a solid drinker, but you just got taken down a peg in my book.  I mean the worst you ever did was concuss yourself and then puke bile for 48 hours at 30,000 feet.

Huffington Post via Geekologie


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