Remember This? Michael Jordan Playing Baseball?

ESPN’s 30 for 30, the documentary series that neither runs for 30 days nor features films that are 30 minutes long (I’m baffled trying to make sense of the name) will be featuring a piece on the great Michael Jordan tonight at 8:00.  But not the same stuff you’ve seen a thousand times on the Jordan IMAX DVD (but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch that every couple of days).   Tonight’s hour long feature is about the months Jordan spent contributing a formidable breeze to the Windy City by batting a paltry .202.  Being one of the greatest athletes in the world, however, he did manage to end the season as one of only 6 players with at least 50 RBIs and 30 steals.

Think about how much fuckin HOOPLA there was over The Decision. And now imagine if instead of announcing the Heat or the Cavs Lebron James said he was gonna go play for the Akron f’n Aeros. Or if Kobe just walked away from this potential Lakers dynasty to play for the Dodgers minor league affiliate in Albuquerque. I feel like guys like Stephen A Smith would explode.


Personally, I’m hoping we get some details on the theory that the whole retirement thing was a double-secret probation from the NBA for gambling.  I love a good conspiracy theory.  I’ve only heard of this one recently though, and I have to say there doesn’t seem to be a lot of evidence.  Nor do I really even care – even if he was gambling on basketball, there’s NO WAY IN HELL you can tell me Michael Jordan ever bet against himself or the Bulls.  Remember when he dropped 40 with the freaking flu? Guy played like an absolute animal 24/7, whether he was black or green, pickup or game 7, hardwood, links, or card table.  And he’s got the records to show for it.  For now, at least.


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