Gears of War Voters are Doing it SOOOO WRONG!!!1

Boy, oh boy, are my gamers letting me down right now.  According to Epic’s recent update, the Save Carmine camp is currently overpowering the voice of reason that understands how vital his gruesome death is to the flow of the narrative.

After a fantastic debut at Comic-Con 2010 and tons of real shirts and Xbox LIVE avatar tees selling by the truckload, Save Carmine has the lead! That’s right—if things continue as they are, a Carmine will actually survive a Gears of War title. We can already hear the snarling. For many of you, this is simply unacceptable.

You know what? It’s more than unacceptable, and I’m more than mad.  I’m disappointed. If I had more than a mouse in my pocket I’d pick up my own Carmine Must Die tee right now [Amazon]!  If you’re more of a closet-gamer, 1. shame on you and 2. you can purchase a tee for your Xbox Live avatar to register your vote.  Voting closes on September 2, so hurry the fuck up.  Oh, and your $19.99 goes to Child’s Play, a charity that brings toys and games to children in hospitals across the freakin globe.  Good enough reason to sacrifice one silly faceless Gear, IMO.


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