This Just in: 95% of Movies are Total Shit

Maybe it has something to do with seeing the campy titles without any fancy poster or pretty faces next to it.  Maybe it’s seeing that a project as “lost momentum, but TAYLOR LAUTNER is still attached.”  Maybe it’s the tragic realization that studio execs actually DO refer to movie concepts with phrases like “NIGHT AT A MUSEUM in a toy factory.”  It’s probably all of those things, but MY GOD is this alleged leaked e-mail depressing.  But wait! There’s more:

Yeeeesh.  Everything’s either a sequel, a remake, or some absurd piece of shit about “a guy who discovers his prom date is an assassin.”  Thank god for Christopher Nolan and PIXAR, they’re the only guys making movies worth the 2 hours of your time, not to mention the $15/ticket.  The only thing that could save this list would be if those two could team up for the TMNT project…(8(.)

The Wrap via I Watch Stuff


One Response

  1. Black Swan looks good. So does Social Network. But yes, the other 95%…GARBAGE.;

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