Forbes: Lil Wayne Will Earn $20M While Behind Bars

Forbes estimates that Lil Wayne won’t just be making it rain cigarettes when he gets out of New York’s Rikers Island prison system.

During his first five months at Rikers Island other artists have released at least 23 tracks featuring guest appearances by Dwayne “Lil Wayne” Carter, including a remix of Drake‘s Jay-Z collaboration “Light Up,” for which Wayne contributed verses by phone from jail. By our estimates, he actually earned more money this year ($20 million) than last ($18 million), in part thanks to a plan dreamed up by Wayne’s camp in the months before his incarceration.

23 tracks?!  Under normal circumstances that would be ridiculous – most albums are around 10-12 – but Lil Wayne is known to be a creative freak.  He’s got rhymes pouring out his ass, and the really unbelievable thing is that the quantity doesn’t undermine the quality.  Normally I’d be the first one to criticize a musician for club-style hip-hop without any real subject matter, but Wayne’s verses on those tracks are always the standouts.  He’s pretty much the only rapper that I pay attention to.  Always got a line that will make you laugh, a wordly-wise word that will impress you, and a sneaky reference to something outside of the realm of standard hip-hop fare (“all my kicks fly like Liu Kang” comes to mind).  And his talent goes well beyond that stuff too.  Anyway, the guy keeps a constant stream of music coming at the fans, usually free, and he doesn’t intend to stop just because of the man! So you can’t complain about that.  Plus he’s trying branch outside of the box of homogenous hip-hop personas.  He’s not doing such an awesome job of it, it’s still cool.

The article goes into further detail about the marketing plan to keep him in the public eye throughout the year in prison, which includes a continuous drip of music and videos, along with the website, where you can pick up your “FREE Weezy” shirts.  As long as he keeps producing, there’s no way the jail stint could hurt him.  If anything, he’s just racking up the street cred that prevents me from breaking into the game and taking his lunch money.  Doubt I’ll be able to beat sales of Tha Carter IV when he gets out in November.

Forbes via Freakonomics


3 Responses

  1. all my kicks fly like Liu Kang- sick. what song?

    • “Dey Know” – on the whole the song is honestly pretty unbearable. you have to sit through like 6 verses before you get to wayne, and then it’s from his auto-tune fixation period. but that lyric just hits me in a special place .

  2. […] no secret hurr at WG that I’m a big fan of Weezy’s. Probably not as big as some of you, but he’s […]

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