Smart: How the Nintendo 3DS Works Without Goofy Glasses

Wondering when 3D will evolve past the need for goofy glasses?  Game site Kombo put together a nice little video of a dude named Jeff explaining how the Nintendo’s 3DS makes that a beautiful naked-eyed reality.  Sadly, he also points out that the tech used by the Big N, known as a “parallax barrier”  isn’t really translatable to movie theaters or televisions, because it depends on the position of the viewer relative to the screen to work.

A parallax barrier works like a vent. It is a filter placed over the screen that precisely directs one image to the left and the other to the right with a separation of a few degrees (equal to the distance between the average human’s eyes). It does this using tiny shutters.

Basically, it is like a pole sitting in front of a light source and your right eye can see behind the pole, but the left eye can’t. Only the scale is so microscopic that your brain doesn’t realize the pole is there and combines the two images as if they were one.

Jeff Grub,

Silly brain!  Always coming up with ingenious ways to trick its stupid gullible self.  Wait, what?

Kombo via Kotaku


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