Successful Kid is Successful, Makes Me Feel Like a Heap-O-Shit

Congratulations Christian Owens, you smug bastard.

Christian is a 16-year old British Apple fanboy turned entrepreneur, who has his eye on making a SECOND million in as many ventures.

In its first two years, Mac Bundle Box made $1,000,000 (700,000 British Pounds).

Not happy with that success, Owens jumped into a new venture called Branchr, a pay-per-click advertising company that distributes 300 million ads per month on over 17,500 websites, iPhone, and Android applications. The company, which claims to deliver “contextual, behavioral, publisher-defined, and geographically” targeted ads in those platforms, has already made $800,000 in its first year and employs eight adults including his 43-year-old mother, Alison.


Man, this kid makes me sick (with envy).  Here I am pining over what to do with this extra first round fantasy football draft pick while this kid is busy stacking Pounds.  DICK.


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