International Left-Handers’ Day is a Day

Another day, another strange sect of society marching a parade down Broadway.  Apparently today is Lefty Day, so head over to Ned Flanders’ Leftorium for some ass-backwards can openers and such.

Because the definition of left handedness varies so much from study to study, it has been estimated that anywhere from 7 to 30 percent of the population is left handed.  It is generally accepted that around 10% of the population currently consider themselves lefties. Unfortunately, language and superstitions have lead to misunderstandings and many people hide their left handedness as a result.

In an effort to bring pride to the neglected and mistreated southpaws of the world, August 13 has been named Left-Handers’ Day, and boy, are there tons of famous people who deserve some praise for surviving our world of biased right-handed tools, such as scissors, computer mice and guitars.

Mental Floss

A completely arbitrary selection of lefties includes: Barack Obama, Jerry Seinfeld, Jimmy Hendrix, Paul McCartney, Kurt Cobain, Rafael Nadal and Phil Mickelson…but  Mental Floss has you covered for a more complete list.  Southpaws have a strong tendency for musical and artistic proficiency, as the right side of the brain is responsible for both creative juices and controlling the left side of the body.  Oh, there’s also a buttload of guitar players who are closet-lefties, since teachers often urge them to learn to play righty.  And those special orders are expensive when ax-shopping.  Back in the day they kept that shit under wraps too.  ‘Sinistros’ were tried as witches for their ways.

Look, I’m not judging you.  In fact, here at WG, we have many programs celebrating your lifestyle.  Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City, Gender Bending and Swinging in San Francisco.  Before Stonewall about those dark ages when you couldn’t come out of the closet, lest you be persecuted because of your, you know.


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  1. And Jerry is a very sexy man.

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