Shower Yourself in Delicious Meteors Tonight

The Perseid meteor shower will be heating up tonight, putting on a hell of a show – which could include fireballs, and exploding meteors called Bolides – for wannabe astronomers like me.

Across the Northern Hemisphere, the best time to watch the Perseid meteor shower will be tonight through the pre-dawn hours local time Friday, regardless of where you live. Weather permitting, patient skywatchers could see a shooting star every minute or so.

Meanwhile, Venus, Mars and Saturn are clustered in the evening sky and will be joined tonight and Friday by the graceful crescent moon. Anyone with clear skies can easily spot the foursome looming above the western horizon as soon as darkness falls. It’s a great opportunity, using’s planet alignment map, to find and identify planets you otherwise might mistake for stars.

But wait, there’s more. In the predawn all week, Jupiter is a brilliant jewel high in the southern sky and impossible to miss — nothing nearby is even close to being as bright.

Why has it taken so long for somebody to point out that 4 of the damn planets have been visible to the naked eye all week, as long as you have the willpower to look past the exploding fireballs?!  This is hands-down the coolest shit to go down in the sky since the double rainbow.

“What has struck me so far about this year are not so much the overall number of meteors people have seen, but the number of reported fireball meteors,” said’s skywatching columnist, Joe Rao. “It seems there have been more such sightings than usual this year. Hopefully that will keep up right on through the maximum of the shower.”

Dude, I’m pretty sure that Krypton exploded.  I read about it.  It’s only a theory, but let’s just say I’ll be on the lookout for an especially important meteor tonight.

Yahoo! News via Geekologie


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