Jeff Van Gundy: Heat is the new Jesus

Former Knicks coach and now ABC analyst Jeff Van Gundy has made some heavy predictions that will excite any wannabe Heat fan, and further piss off all the naysaying crybabies in the Eastern Conference that talked a lifetime’s worth of crap about how Miami wouldn’t be able to sign anyone worth the leather on the ball with their remaining cap space.  But Pat Riley’s magic “triple rainbow” was almost a month ago.  Since then, we’ve seen Udonis re-sign for about half of what he could have had elsewhere.  We’ve seen Eddie House return to Miami, giving them the sniper they need to knock down 3’s on a kickout.  Then they were pleasantly surprised with enough extra cap room to sign Mike Miller’s 40% 3-point-shooting ass to do the same-and more.

In an interview with the Miami Herald Van Gundy said:

They have put together a much better roster than anybody could ever have expected. There is now no good way to defend them. They are unguardable. They are indefensible. They are just too good and have added so much shooting and are so versatile that they will score at will.

Coach went on to outline some specifics, including the biggest prediction of all, one that has been touted by a certain Heat fanatic for weeks now:

  • They will break the single-season win record of 72.
  • I think they have a legit shot at the Lakers’ 33-game [winning] streak [in 1971-72], as well.
  • They will never lose two games in a row this year.

Oh, quit hissing, you’re spitting haterade all over your screen.  If LeBron could take the Cavs to 66 wins with Mo Williams, I just don’t see how anyone can argue that a line of 72 isn’t at worst 50/50.


One Response

  1. Bodog has the over/under on Heat wins this year at 65.

    Over/under on number of times DWade leaves the court in a wheelchair after suffering a shoulder injury this year? 2.5

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