Madden 11 Kicks Off Tomorrow

How could I have forgotten this is last night’s post about the glorious baby steps towards football season taking place this week?  EA Sports will bring out their annual offering of digital football on the second Tuesday in August, as they always do, and promises to present a simpler rendition than we’ve seen in years.

I’m guessing if you’re the kind of person that ponies up the $60 for Madden every year, that might sound pretty awful to you.  But as the gaming industry continues to grow, we’re seeing a lot of developers focusing on mainstream appeal.  It’s just the sad fate of entertainment, much like the music industry has congealed into a homogenous lump of mainstream shit.

Madden NFL 11 arrives tomorrow to the marketing drumbeat of simpler, quicker and deeper. Laudable design goals, but for a game that’s been a living room ritual for a quarter of a century, let’s also ask, is it more fun?

Yes. Though we’ve heard all spring and summer about Madden’s new play-calling, faster game times and richer, more exciting presentation, this year’s show-stealer comes from an unexpected place – a true fundamental. You know, the kind of thing everyone always says a sports game should get right before worrying about anything else? Well this time, Madden did.

Kotaku Review

As much as I love football and video games, I fell off the Madden wagon back in 07 and haven’t bought another version of the game in this console generation.  If stripping away the hit-sticks, QB cones, and even turbo (*gasp*) will make the game more fun, I’m all for it.

IGN Review

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