Gizmodo’s Top 16 Reasons to Jailbreak Your Apple Device, NOW

Now that the iPhone Dev Team has made jailbreaking your iPhones, Pads, and Pods as painless as visiting on your device’s Safari, there’s really no excuse for living and dying by the heavy hand of Apple’s App Approval Process.  Since Jobs doesn’t allow apps to modify iOS at all, tweaks like multitasking, and visual customizations that just made their way into iOS4 this summer have been executed quite well by underground developers on the JB scene for years now.  And there are plenty that Apple still didn’t roll out for iOS4, like the ability to display an info (missed calls, new emails) on the lockscreen).


For my money though, the most important addition that jailbreaking will get you is biteSMS, which allows you to reply to or send new text messages on top of whatever you’re currently doing, without interruptining anything.  If I hadn’t been using it for 2 years now, I don’t think I’d still have my iPhone.  Having to quit (or even minimize) the web page or e-mail you’re reading just to respond to a text (because if you don’t now, you’ll never remember to) is a profound absurdity for a corporate culture who prides themselves on the supposed fluidity and intuitiveness of their UIs.  Nothing really grinds my gears more than a design that fails to take the final logical step.  iOS pops an alert up to show you the incoming text.  So why in god’s name would you not pop the virtual keyboard on there too and let us take care of this message before it turns into a barrage of “hello??!” “r u there?” “why aren’t u answering?” I’M TRYING TO LOAD A YOUTUBE VIDEO, MOM. CHILLAX.


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