FINALLY Something I’m Dying to See in 3-D

Oh, boy.  After every studio out there tries their damnedest to cruelly con you into spending an extra $3 a ticket on some gimmicky, post-produced, mock 3-D heap of shit, here comes your boy Johnny Knoxville to save the day.  I smell an Oscar! With the trailer for their new offering hitting the web this weekend, now is as good a time as any to go ahead and give Knoxville a tip of the cap and put him in my Genius Hall of Fame.  The guy literally made his way to stardom by sacrificing his body to give audiences what they wanted – to see a bunch of idiots hurt and otherwise embarrass themselves in increasingly creative ways.  And if you don’t think that’s worth of a genius-badge, consider that:

1. They were way ahead of the curve on the concept.  The show debuted in 2000.  What about all those videos of people faceplanting, falling off ladders, samurai swording themselves, etc. that you’ve come to love on YouTube? That site wasn’t launched until 5 years later. Perhaps only Tom Green can be cited as an forerunner, but his stunts were completely different (except for Bam’s parental abuse), and as a personality, he was MUCH easier to get tired of. MUCH EASIER

2. They have evolved creatively as their careers moved on. The stunts have gotten more elaborate, and indeed funnier since 2000 when the show first aired to the 2 movies.  Wildboyz is one of my favorite shows of all time.  It combined the Jackass philosophy with all those Animal Planet specials you love, finally bridging the gap in your mind between “Woa, that’s a big fucking scorpion” and “I wonder what would happen if it stung some dude on the ass.”  Once they started exploring tribal cultures too, they ended up inventing the format for every show on Travel Channel today (minus the vomiting).  I’d like to see Andrew Zimmern take on the glove of fire ants.

3. Most importantly, they somehow managed to physically survive the abuse they’ve been putting themselves through for 10 freaking years.  THAT’S impressive.

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