Well, I’ll be damned! Not only do I make it back into the States after a quick brush with death from Tropical Storm Colin, but what do I find when I get here? FOOTBALL is here (well, just about). The real story behind last night’s Hall of Fame induction of Jerry and Emmitt is that the season is just around the corner.  SO GET PUMPED.

I don’t care that I’m watching JT O’Sullivan and Mini-Carson try to duke it out for 2nd place on the Bengals’ depth chart in a game that will end 6-0.  This Sunday is still better by definition than any Sunday has been since June 17th, when the Lakers brought the NBA Finals to a close and ushered in that perennial red-wave in every sportsfan’s year.  Look, I like baseball as much as the next guy (eh, give or take), but these summer games just don’t do for me what Sunday, Sunday, Sunday does come autumn.  Not by a long shot.  And with just NASCAR and the WNBA to turn to, July is just the worst month of the year.  Not even kidding: the absolute highlight of women’s basketball.

But all that’s over tonight.  Tonight I’m listening to the soothing sounds of Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth, and I couldn’t be more ready.  Time to watch some highlight reels to get pumped up for football season, folks.  Here’s a Sean Taylor vid just to get the juices flowing.


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