Uh-Oh! Douchie-Os!

I’m reluctant to post this because I really don’t want it to get any more views.  Everyone knows there’s only one thing that self-important wannabe performance artist douches feed off and that’s attention, good or bad.  Even when people are saying “sorry, NOT art,” they can always hide behind the veil that they “just want people to talk about their ‘work.'”  She grows stronger with every click.  But by my calculations, posting this garbage on my blog will only add like 7 or 8 views at best, so we’ll just go for it.

And please troll the comments on YouTube for the love of god.  Freaking CupChicks have more talent in -well, 1 cup- than this idiot.  Can’t wait until the next video, I hear she’s gonna shit into a hot pocket.

Thanks to Rafa for the tip.


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