The Pen is Mightier


I think we can all agree to just skip the part of this post where I point out that the pen is a dick.  I mean, if I have to point that out to you, I don’t know how you got your computer to turn on, let alone how you found your way here.  MOVING ON…

Usage probability for this by women is more than men

Dude, you couldn’t be further from the mark.  You’re marketing this gem to the complete wrong demographic. You know that they thought the usage probability for Smirnoff Ice by women was more than men too don’t you? Two things you are grossly overestimating here: 1. the degree to which women are comfortable walking around the office with a dildo hanging out of thei pants-suit 2. the ability of men to resist pranking their friends by replacing all their Pilot G-2s at work with novelty dick-pens.

Don’t expect to see this in your board room anytime soon:



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