Mmmmmmm….Sick ///M3 is Looking Pretty Sick

If you think you’d look good behind the wheel of one of these Special Edition “Frozen Gray” M3’s, you’re probably right.  This thing packs enough punch to compensate for even my *ahem*… considerable insecurities.

Accoding to, the nutty Bavarians decided to produce only 30 of these bad boys, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the M3.  Then again, it’s only a paint job that anyone can get. But as a wannabe Bimmer enthusiast, I’m digging it nonetheless.

The anticipation began in August 1985. That summer Germany’s automobile magazines built up their readers’ expectations for the fastest 3 Series BMW of all times. The key data revealed a sports car that would punch way above its class: 200 hp, top speed in excess of 230 km/h, sprint from a standing start to 100 km/h inside 6.7 seconds.

The BMW design engineers increased the displacement to 2.3 litres and applied a formulation that had already achieved significant successes over a period of many years: four-valve engineering. There was also another reason for the decision to opt for a four-cylinder engine and not adopt the six-cylinder engine introduced in the BMW 3 Series. The longer crankshaft in the big engine started to vibrate much earlier than the shorter four-cylinder shaft. The design engineers therefore designed the crankshaft drive of the BMW M3 with sufficient torsional stability to achieve 10,000 revolutions a minute and more. By comparison with the four-cylinder engine installed in the series vehicles, this represented an increase of more than 60 percent. The rated speed for the road version of the BMW M3 was still significantly below the critical range at 6,750/min and therefore offered sufficient scope for further developments.

Well I don’t know what any of that means, but it sure worked out alright.  Check out the whole story of the birth of the might M3 over at along with a pantload of pictures to get your crankshaft vibrating.


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  1. A big thank you to Ryan Goldberg for telling you about that sweet sweet frozen gray

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